Work in progress with criteria updates!


As announced earlier in the year, we are implementing criteria updates with regards to Criteria for chemical content due to an update of the Swedish Chemicals Agency's PRIO criteria.


This entails updating our criteria 0.12 Allergenic and 0.19 Specifically identified substances. A new criterion for fluorinated greenhouse gases is introduced as well as a new reporting requirement for highly fluorinated substance (PFAS). Find more information here (in Swedish).


The update also means that substances classified H351, H361 and H362 become priority risk-reduction substances and H334 and H317A become phase-out substances.


Due to the updates in the Criteria for chemical content, Byggvarubedömningen will now begin carry out an update / reassessment of the affected products. This means that for a period there will be many ongoing reassessments in the database.


Questions regarding the criteria updates or reassessment of products are sent to our Environmental Assessment Department (