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... a non-profit organisation owned by large constructors and property owners in Sweden.

What we do and why we exist

Byggvarubedömningen was created on the initiative of several major players in the construction and real estate market who wanted to cooperate in their work on risk minimisation and substitution. The players developed assessment criteria on the basis of which all products would be assessed and thus created a database.

Today, Byggvarubedömningen has an office that supports the owners, who we call members, to manage the criteria, assessments and the web service. There are two lines of business: Assessments and a logbook tool.

Assessments are made from the criteria developed by the owners, which are based on chemical content, life cycle and social responsibility at the supplier stage. All assessments are then presented in a database of assessments according to the levels of Recommended (green), Accepted (yellow) and Avoid (red).

The logbook tool is the users' own collection of products and goods where the different disciplines can collaborate on the selection of products in a specific project.

By using Byggvarubedömningen you are contributing to a more sustainable world!