Our assessments

Our mission

Enable wise choices of material for a good living environment. Enable good documentation of built-in materials for future management. Encourage producers of materials to improve their products from an environmental perspective. Encourage the producers of materials to take social responsibility in their supply chain. Be a good and effective tool for documenting and tracking materials, products and their content.

Chemical content and life-cycle aspect

Our assessments are based on criteria created by Byggvarubedömningen's criteria group. All products are assessed on the grounds of their chemical content, based on around thirty properties that are harmful to health and the environment. An environmental assessment also includes the environmental impact of the product during its life cycle, where we look at selected aspects during the production, use and demolition phases.

An assessment is performed on the documentation submitted when applying for an assessment. It is the applicant who is responsible for ensuring that all documentation required for a correct assessment of your product is attached at the time of application. The applicant is primarily the supplier/manufacturer of the product, but users of the system can also apply.

In practical terms, you sign up for a supplier user account connected to a company's annual subscription via our website. From the user account, you can then apply for an assessment for your products. Once the assessment is finalised, it will be searchable by all our users on our web service and will be exposed to the major players in the construction industry.

In order to provide a database of up-to-date assessments, a reassessment needs to take place every four years. Byggvarubedömningen will notify you well in advance of the reassessment process so that there is time to prepare any new documentation. Note that if the content of your product changes, an update must always be made to ensure that the assessment is correct, regardless of when the assessment was last made.

Digital assessment

Learn about how to apply for assessment with our digital application template.