Our assessments

Our mission

Enable wise choices of material for a good living environment. Enable good documentation of built-in materials for future management. Encourage producers of materials to improve their products from an environmental perspective. Encourage the producers of materials to take social responsibility in their supply chain. Be a good and effective tool for documenting and tracking materials, products and their content.

Chemical content and life-cycle aspect

In our environmental assessment we examine products based on Byggvarubedömningen's criteria for chemical content and lifecycle aspects. The criteria are developed by a group of expert representatives from our member companies. All items and chemical products are assessed based on their complete chemical content as it is upon delivery. Furthermore, the assessments conclude of a valuation of environmental impact during the life cycle, with a focus on certain aspects such as, the manufacturing, usage and demolition stage.

An assessment is based on the information that is sent in during an application, and you as an applicant is responsible for attaching the right documentation to make sure a correct assessment can be made. It is preferable that the supplier of the product apply for its assessment, but other users of the Web Service do have the possibility of doing this as well. 

To apply for assessment, start with creating a Supplier account on our website. When logged in, you can start applying for assessments for your products. When the assessment is published, users of the Web Service can find the assessment through our Search tool. Hence, your assessment will be available to the largest actors in the Swedish construction industry.

Digital assessment

Learn about how to apply for assessment with our digital application template.