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Use Bygggvarubedömningen in your marketing!

We are pleased to see the increasing number of assessed products in our database - more and more material suppliers choosing to assess their products make it easier for stakeholders in Sweden's construction and real estate industry to make sustainable material choices. Byggvarubedömningen's target audience is those active in the industry, and it is primarily these individuals or entities we aim to reach, rather than private individuals.

Byggvarubedömningen generally supports companies wanting to advertise that their products have been assessed by us, but to avoid misleading your customers, there are a few guidelines we want to make you aware of.

There are two ways to use Byggvarubedömningen in your marketing: by displaying the current assessment symbol (the total assessment for the product) alongside the assessed product or by using our corporate logo along with the addition that you have product(s) assessed by Byggvarubedömningen.

Please read below which of the options best suits your intended marketing:

Using assessment symbols for your assessment
For those whose companies have subscribed to an annual subscription for environmental assessments with Byggvarubedömningen, there is an option to use the assessment symbols for your assessment. Primarily, the total assessment of the assessed product should always be displayed. The assessment symbol is clearer and makes it easier for your customers to make sustainable material choices than if the corporate logo is displayed.

  • It is your responsibility as a marketer of the product to ensure that the correct assessment symbol is always displayed with the product. If the product has received the total assessment 'Accepted,' the yellow assessment symbol should thus be used. Once an assessment is published, we send the correct assessment symbol to the user who requested the assessment. If you lack the assessment symbols, you are always welcome to contact our support.

  • If an active annual subscription is missing, the products will not be included in assessment revisions that occur due to changes in laws and/or criteria that may change the assessment level. Therefore, it is not allowed to display the assessment symbols because it is your responsibility as a material supplier to ensure that you always display the correct symbol, which cannot be guaranteed when the assessment has not been updated after legal and/or criterion changes. For your customers, an assessment symbol also indicates that the product has a current assessment and is selectable and possible to add to new Logbooks, which is not possible for products lacking an annual subscription.

  • Even if the content of the product is the same, the assessment may change as updates to the laws and criteria underlying the assessments occur continuously. Therefore, we want the assessment symbol to be used in digital materials and not used in, for example, catalogs, packaging, and other printed materials with longer lifespans. If the total assessment of the product changes, you need to promptly update all materials so that the correct assessment symbol is displayed. Feel free to use the phrase "Always ensure the latest current assessment symbol at" in your printed materials.

  • It needs to be clear which product or part of the product the assessment symbol belongs to. This means that assessment symbols should not be displayed on a general webpage or, for example, in an email signature but should always be able to be linked to the assessed product.

Using Byggvarubedömningen's corporate logo in your marketing

  • Byggvarubedömningen's corporate logo can be displayed in general contexts such as in presentations, brochures, annual reports, on websites, or in other marketing channels to describe that you have chosen to work with Byggvarubedömningen.

  • The corporate logo should primarily not be displayed with a specific product. If you want to show that your product has been assessed by Byggvarubedömningen, you should instead use our assessment symbol. Read more about this in the section "Using assessment symbols for your assessment" above.

  • For material suppliers who have signed annual subscriptions with Byggvarubedömningen and have assessed products from us, we prefer that you use complementary text in the context where the logo is displayed and/or the addition "we have product(s) assessed by Byggvarubedömningen". Suggestions for complementary text:

We have products assessed by Byggvarubedömningen.

We have products assessed by Byggvarubedömningen. This means that our products are assessed based on aspects of chemical content and life cycle. We thereby contribute to making sustainable construction easier. Read more at

For customers who have not signed annual subscriptions, it is not allowed to use Byggvarubedömningen's corporate logo as it indicates to your customers that your products are assessed, with a current assessment, and are selectable and possible to add to new Logbooks, which is not possible for products lacking an annual subscription.

For marketing in printed materials, please contact

In the case of incorrect use of the assessment symbol and/or logo, Byggvarubedömningen reserves the right to deny continued use. Therefore, please feel free to contact our support for approval before publishing the assessment symbol or corporate logo.

If you have any questions regarding the use of the assessment symbol or corporate logo, you are always welcome to contact us.

Thank you for choosing to assess your products with Byggvarubedömningen and thereby contributing to sustainable construction!