Update of assessed products - ATP17

Update of assessed products affected by changes in chemical legislation: ATP17

With the coming adaptation of Annex VI in the CLP Regulation (ATP 17), a number of substances will be covered by new classifications. As recently announced, Byggvarubedömningen will start applying the new classifications after half the time between publication and that they become binding. A total of 61 substances are affected by the ATP17 update, for products containing one or more of these substances, an update will be launched shortly and will be published in mid-March.

Assessments affected by the updates appear as Assessment ongoing under My Products. The updates are made free of charge and will be based on existing information, so it will not be possible to submit supplementary information. If you know that the content of your product has changed, you need to apply for a new assessment for your product as usual. However, to apply for a new assessment for a product covered by the update, you need to contact us to get help with it.

For contact and further questions, please send an email to: