Change in handling of ATP updates

Byggvarubedömningen has decided to apply ATP updates after half the time between publication and becoming binding.
Chemical substances that are included in our assessments are assessed according to classifications in the CLP-regulation. Regulations regarding classification and labeling can be found in appendix VI in the CLP-regulation and are continuously updated through so-called technical adaptations or ATP’s (Adaption to Technical Progress). Until now, we have assessed the relevant substances according to the changes in a new ATP from the time it was published in the EU’s official newspaper. An ATP may be applied before the date it becomes binding.
To enable the most efficient ATP updates, we have decided to apply the changes after half the notification period. The decision has entered into force, which means that ATP17 will be the first to be handled according to our new rules. ATP17 was published in May 2021 and we till apply it from March 2022.

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