Assessments during Christmas and New Year

Assessments during Christmas and New Year

Byggvarubedömningen will be closed during Christmas and New Year, impacting the speed of assessment processes during this period.

Below is information on timelines for our assessment operations during December and January. Apply before December 9 for a guaranteed preliminary assessment before Christmas!

10-day assessments
The last application date to ensure a preliminary assessment before Christmas is December 8. For assessments submitted from December 9 onwards, a preliminary assessment will be provided by January 8. Feedback on submitted comments will take longer during the holidays. It will still be possible to submit an application for a 10-day assessment, but the processing time will change as mentioned above.

2-day assessments
The final application date for 2-day assessments this year is December 8, and a preliminary assessment will be provided after 2 working days. From December 9, the 2-day option will be closed. It will again be possible to apply for 2-day assessments starting from January 8, 2024.

Confidential assessments
New confidentiality assessments will not be processed between December 9 and January 8. The processing time for ongoing confidentiality assessments will be longer during the holidays.

Take advantage of transitioning to the new pricing model!
You might have noticed that the Byggvarubedömningne now offers annual subscriptions for environmental assessments? Annual subscriptions are advantageous for those applying for assessments as it includes both applied and published assessments* in a fixed cost, a complete supplier account providing access to our extensive database, and much more. The annual fee is based on 6 different price ranges depending on the number of ongoing and published assessments the company has, starting from 4,000 SEK per year. The annual subscription is mandatory from February 1, 2024, but can be subscribed to today. Learn more here.

*an assessment can consist of one or more articles.