Assessments, criteria changes, and important dates during summer

Assessments, criteria changes, and important dates during summer

Byggvarubedömningen is closed for holidays week 29 – 30. Therefore, our support is closed during this time. Below is important information about how we will handle our assessments during the summer. In general, the processing time for assessments, such as feedback on submitted additinal information, is longer during the summer.

10-day assessments
To be sure to get a preliminary assessment before the holidays, the deadline for applications is the 26th of June. Assessments submitted from the 27th of June will have the application date postponed to 1st of August and a preliminary assessment will be provided by 15th of August.

It will be possible to submit the application for a 10-day assessment throughout the summer, but the processing time will change as written above.

2-day assessments
The last application date for this summer is 26th of June and a preliminary assessment is obtained after 2 working days. It will be possible again to apply for 2-day assessments from 15th of August.

Assessments with NDA
New assessments with Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) will not be handled 27th of June – 1st of August. The processing time of ongoing assessments with NDA will be longer during the summer.


Processing criteria changes during this summer

Byggvarubedömningen is implementing several criteria changes that will come into effect from 15th of August. For information about criteria changes, read more here.

Our work to update the assessments affected by the criteria will continue through the summer. Therefore, this year, in connection with changing the processing time for assessments submitted from 27th of June, we have chosen to also assess these based on the new criteria. Thus, if you apply for an assessment from 27th of June, the assessment will be made according to the criteria that come into force on 15th of August when it is published.

For the products affected by the criteria changes, we aim to reassess already existing products in as short a time span as possible. The work is scheduled to be completed in August.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact!