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Our mission

Enable wise choices of material for a good living environment. Enable good documentation of built-in materials for future management. Encourage producers of materials to improve their products from an environmental perspective. Encourage the producers of materials to take social responsibility in their supply chain. Be a good and effective tool for documenting and tracking materials, products and their content.

Usage of our assessment symbols for your assessment

Usage of our assessment symbols for your assessment

When an assessment for your product has been published, you can show the assessment symbol in digital format on, for example, your website. The assessment symbol refers to the overall assessment and only the company that applied for the assessment can use the assessment symbol for the product. When the product is published, an e-mail containing the correct symbol is sent to one that applied for assessment. If you do not have the assessment symbol you are welcome to contact us on info@byggvarubedomningen.se. 

The requirements you need to fulfil to show our assessment symbols are:

  • It must be clear to which product the assessment symbol belongs
  • That you show the assessment symbol that belongs to the current assessment. This means that if your product has received the assessment "Accepted" (yellow) on Total, you must display the symbol for Accepted for your product
  • That you refer to that Byggvarubedömningen has made the assessment and that more information about the assessment can be found in Byggvarubedömningen’s Web Service. See examples of texts you can use below:
    • We have products assessed by Byggvarubedömningen. Read more on Byggvarubedomningen.com.
    • We have products assessed by Byggvarubedömningen. This means that our assessed products are examined on chemical content, life-cycle, and sustainable supply chains. In this way we contribute to making it easier to build sustainably. Read more on Byggvarubedomningen.com.
  • That you are responsible for ensuring that you always display the latest update of the assessment symbol for the actual product. That is, if the assessment symbol (colour) for your product is changed, you must make sure to replace the symbol where you display it
  • Our assessment services are suitable for professionals, and we therefore wish that you aim to show our symbols to professionals instead of private consumers
  • Welcome to contact us at Byggvarubedömningen if you are unsure of how you can use the assessment symbol. For publication of information other than the assessment symbol, you must seek special approval from us

Where are you allowed to display the assessment symbol?

  • In adherence to the assessed product on, for example, a website
  • In conjunction with procurement in adherence to the assessed product
  • In digital presentations etc. in adherence to the assessed product 

Where are you not allowed to display the assessment symbol?

  • On a general webpage that is not directly connected to the assessed product
  • On packaging
  • In an e-mail signature
  • On printed works (for more information, contact info@byggvarubedomningen.se)

For further questions, contact us on info@byggvarubedomningen.se.