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a non-profit organisation owned by large constructors and property owners in Sweden.

Usage of our company logotype

Usage of Byggvarubedömningen's company logotype

Before you can display our company logotype you need an approval from us. Start with reading the information below, and then send us a draft of how you would like to display our logotype. 

The requirements you need to fulfil to show our logotype are:

  • Byggvarubedömningen's logotype must be displayed in general contexts such as in presentations, brochures, annual reports, on general webpages and other marketing channels.
  • You must supplement the logotype with a clarifying text. Find examples of suitable texts below.
  • The logotype must never be displayed together with a product. If you would like to show that your product is assessed by Byggvarubedömningen, please read our requirements on usages of our assessment symbols instead
  • Before publishing our logotype, you need an approval from us. E-mail a draft of how you would like to use our logotype to for an approval.


Suitable text to show in connection to our logotype

We have products assessed by Byggvarubedömningen.

We have products assessed by Byggvarubedömningen. This means that our assessed products are examined on chemical content, life-cycle, and sustainable supply chains. In this way we contribute to making it easier to build sustainably. Read more on

Where are you allowed to display the logotype?

  • On a general webpage, with a supplemental text
  • In brochures and other printed work, with a supplemental text
  • In presentations, with a supplemental text

Where are you not allowed to display the logotype?

  • In connection to a specific product
  • In conjunction with procurement
  • On packaging
  • On printed works if you are a wholesalers

For further questions, contact us on