Updating of assessed products affected by changes in chemical legislation; ATP15

With the latest update of Annex VI in the CLP-regulation (ATP15) 58 substances is now covered by new or changed classifications. When a new ATP is published in the Official Journal of the European Union the concerned substances are assessed according to the harmonised classification as of the date of publication by Byggvarubedömningen. Products containing one or more of these substances will be updated and we will, as far as possible, publish all new versions at the same time. All updates are expected to be ready in the spring 2021.

Suppliers who have assessed products that are affected by the updates are currently seeing these as “Bedömning pågår” under “Mina produkter” when logging in. The updates will be free of charge and will be based on existing data. That is, as a supplier you will not be given the opportunity to send in new information. If you wish to apply for a new assessment for a product that will be updated, please contact us by email.

For further questions, please contact us.