New Terms and Conditions

On February 3, Byggvarubedömningen will publish updated General Terms and Conditions. The current version from May 2018 has been revised so that the General Terms and Conditions for Customer and Supplier have been merged into one document.

Main changes in the General Terms and Conditions are:

  • Byggvarubedömningens new Logotype and profile formats have been added
  • Additional definitions
  • Added description of the assessment process
  • Added description of public, non-public and confidential information. These sections were previously described in various pop-up windows in the Web service's function "Apply for assessment".
  • Clarification of contract times, notice period and billing routines for different types of accounts and services.
  • Definition words from the section if GDPR is moved to the website.

When you, as a User of the Web Service, log in on February 3, you will be asked to approve (and read) the new General Terms and Conditions.

If you have any questions regarding the new General Terms and Conditions, you are welcome to contact us.