New price list for Account and Logbook

On August 1, Byggvarubedömningen updates the price list for the Account and Logbook services.
The price for "Full account" and "Supplier Full account" is SEK 4400 / year from August 1 2020.
For more than one account regarding discounts:
2-5 accounts: 30% | 6-20 accounts: 40% | +20 accounts: 50%

The price for the Logbook is SEK 1500 / month from August 1 2020.

Already there is also the new service "Loggbok + Svanen" provided for you who are building Swan-labeled houses.
For those who start a "Loggbok + Svanen" before August 1, the introductory price applies SEK 1500 / month from the day you activate your "Loggbok+ Svanen".
The full price list can be found here.