Information about assessments during the Christmas holidays

During the Christmas holiday Byggvarubedömningen will have some time off. This affects the speed of the assessment process. You will find more information about our holding times during December and January down below. Apply before December 9th to guarantee a preliminary assessment before Christmas.

10-days assessments
To make sure to get a preliminary assessment before Christmas you will have to apply before December 9th. Assessments that are sent from December 10th will get the applying date moved to December 31 and a preliminary assessment will be provided January 14th. Feedback on submitted comments will take longer during the holidays. You will still be able to apply for 10-days assessment, but the processing time will be as above.

2-days assessments
The last day to apply for 2-days assessments is December 9th. You will receive a preliminary assessment after 2 working days. The opperunity to apply for 2-days assessment are closed from December 10th. It will be possible to apply for the 2-days assessment from the January 10th, 2022. 

Non-disclosure assessments
New non-disclosure assessments will not be handled between December 10th and January 16th. Processing time for non-disclosure assessments will be longer during the holidays.