Industry-wide traceability requirements from 1 July 2022

Nationwide construction contractors and industry organizations in the building trade, building material manufacturers and community building recommend that GTIN should be a common identifier of construction products and be used by the entire industry at the turn of the year 2022.

In 2018, an industry-wide decision in principle was made to use GTIN, Global Trade Item Number, so that construction products can be identified with a unique article number in all systems, which enables traceability during the construction process but also during the building’s entire life cycle.
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This is something that Byggvarubedömningen encourages, and we want to information you as a supplier/manufacturer that you have the opportunity to supplement published assessments with this information. You can do that by Logging in with your login details on our website. Go to “Options” for the current assessment and then click on “Change product”. There you click on “Product information”, where you will find the field under the heading “Article specification”. On this page you can add and change GTIN but also other article specifications that are also important to specify. Do not forget to save before closing the page.

If you have questions regarding supplementation of article information, you can contact the assessment department:

For other questions, you are warmly welcome to contact: