Climate data on the product card

The requirement of climate declarations for new buildings enters into force on the 1th January 2022 and applies from the date a building permit is applied.

You will find more information about climate declarations at ”Boverkets” website.*

We want to make it easier for our users to make sustainable material choices. A part of that is to make product-specific climate data more easily accessible by publishing them on our product cards. Today, it is possible to obtain information on climate data through the EPD’s that are published in the assessment documentation. From spring 2022, the information will also be available on the product card.

For you who are user of our Logbook tool, we are developing functionality so that you will be able to export the information. If you for example want to take the information further to systems that does climate calculations, this feature will facilitate. The launch of the new functionality will be in early 2022.

If you are a manufacturer or supplier, we warmly recommend that you enclose a valid EPD into your assessment application. If the product has already been assessed, it is possible to supplement with a valid EPD afterward; you do that by emailing it to us with information about which assessment (BVBID) it belongs to. When you supplement an existing assessment with a new EPD, we will update the assessment of criterion 2. Note that the assessment never would get lowered by complementing it with an EPD. We will also supplement the product card with current data. EPD and any questions about how to handle these, please send an e-mail to

If you have other questions or concerns, you are warmly welcome to contact

* Boverket (2021). The purpose of climate declaration of building. Retrieved 2021-11-10.