Clarification of new "General Terms" and the difference between "Non-public" and "confidential" information

Recently we at Byggvarubedömningen have received questions regarding our General Terms and Conditions, which were published early in February 2020. The questions are mainly about two things: that we would have changed the terms and that “no public” information would be equated with “confidential” information.

The General Terms and Conditions have not been changed to their meaning or writing. However, the conditions that previously existed in different places in our web service have been combined in a common document. The purpose of the change is to simplify and clarify.

One consequence of this merger is that we now receive questions about “Non-public” Information, section 2.4.2 of the General Terms and Conditions, where this has been perceived as equivalent to “Confidential” information. At Byggvarubedömningen, you can apply for assessments in three ways; 1) open, ie completely public information, 2) with confidentiality agreement and 3) non-public information. In the third alternative, which means that the applicant for an assessment can choose not to show all supporting documents in the web service, no extra cost is charged over the normal assessment fee. It is this third alternative that is handled in 2.4.2, where we release ourselves from liability in the event of any information leakage.

Assessments with “confidential” information are handled in separate agreements, with their own terms, and a fee of SEK 5000 per assessment is charged. This alternative, in accordance with the designation, means full confidentiality and responsibility in the event of any information leakage.

We hope that the above answers some of the questions that have arisen and bring this with us when we revisit the general conditions at a later stage.