Change of handling times and service phone over Christmas and New Year

When it comes to assessments, an application for assessment must have been submitted to us by 2019-12-15 in order for a preliminary assessment to be completed before Christmas.

Applications for assessments received from 2019-12-16 will be treated as having been submitted on 2020-01-02 which will thus be the date of registration. These assessments will receive a preliminary assessment by 2020-01-17.

The Building Products Assessment will have the service phone open December 23 and 27, and January 3 between between 9am to 12am (phone: +46 87 64 70 71).

Social responsibility
During the period December 6, 2019 - January 6, 2020, the Building Products Assessment Office linked to the social criteria will remain closed. During this time period, no assessments will be carried out and incoming mail as well as cases will not be handled until January 2020.

During the period 2019-12-23 through 2020-01-01, the support phone for accounts will be closed as regular opening hours fall on red days. Incoming mail will have longer response time during this period, but we are back 2020-01-02 when also support is open just as usual between 9 am to 12am.