Assessments during the summer

Our office is closed for holidays week 30-31. During this time, our phone and email are closed. Find information below regarding the assessment time during the summer. Generally, the process takes longer time.


10-day assessments

To be sure you get a preliminary assessment before the holidays, submit your application before the 28th of June.


Regarding assessments sent in on the 29th of June of later, the application date will automatically be moved forward to the 9th of June and a preliminary assessment will be provided the 23rd of August.


However, you can apply for 10-day assessments in this period as well, but the assessment time will be as written above.


2-day assessments

The last application date for this summer is the 21st of June and a preliminary assessment is provided after two workdays. The application for 2-days assessment will be open again the 23rd of August.


Non-disclosure agreements

New non-disclosure agreements will not be processed during the 21st of June to the 23rd of August. Between the 12th of July and the 8th of August, the process of these will be closed. Hence, all the ongoing assessment will be paused.