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Our mission

Enable wise choices of material for a good living environment. Enable good documentation of built-in materials for future management. Encourage producers of materials to improve their products from an environmental perspective. Encourage the producers of materials to take social responsibility in their supply chain. Be a good and effective tool for documenting and tracking materials, products and their content.

Confidential information in our assessments

Confidential information in our assessments

In cases where a supplier has confidential information, we offer two different alternatives:

  • To submit “Non-public information” in a regular assessment
  • Assessment where some information can be submitted under a Non-disclosure agreement


Non-public information

Non-public information can be submitted to our 10- or 2-day assessments, therefore no extra cost is added when the assessment includes Non-public information.

An appendix for Non-public information can be found in our English website under the tabs “Assessments” and “Downloads”. The appendix is to be filled in and emailed to us (bedomning@byggvarubedomning.se) or sent by postal mail.

Solely information the supplier has informed us is Non-public will not be visible in the web service.

It is up to the supplier to check that all information has been handled in the desired way when the assessment comes back to the supplier for review. Please note that Byggvarubedömningen is not liable for financial damage resulting from the use of this alternative.

Information submitted under a Non-disclosure agreement

Before you choose to proceed with a Non-disclosure agreement, you need to be aware of the following:

  • Classifications of chemical substances or listings, for instance candidate list or SIN-list, cannot be kept under a Non-disclosure agreement. This means that specific substances that have been reported as confidential information won’t be shown publicly but their harmonized classifications and what assessment it has resulted in will be shown in our product database.
  • Applications submitted with a Non-disclosure agreement require extra administration and hence longer handling than our other options. The time option 14-or 2-day assessments is not possible to choose. Please make sure to apply in early advance.
  • Please note that Byggvarubedömningen encourages you to provide as much public information as possible, e.g. by stating the function of the substances such as "pigment", "plasticizer", etc. in the public application form.
  • The cost of an assessment with Non-disclosure agreement is SEK 5,000.
  • For questions regarding NDA email to nda@byggvarubedomningen.se

For each assessment, a public application form is required. If any information is to be handled as Non-public information or submitted under NDA, you omit it from the public application form.

Please note that the documentation requirement according to Environmental building (Miljöbyggnad) is not met when information about the substance content is submitted as “Non-public information” or with NDA.

In cases where a Non-disclosure agreement is needed Byggvarubedömningen provides our own agreement and we do not make any changes to it.