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Pricelist - supplier

This price list refers to producers and suppliers of materials. We provide a database of health and environmental assessment and an effective tool for documenting and tracking materials, products and their content. In order to access our digital services, each user needs a personal account.

Account SEK 0  SEK 1 600-4 000 per year *
Search in the database No access Yes
Participate in a logbook SEK 500 per invitation Yes
Create a logbook No access SEK 1 000 per month/ per logbook**
Apply for assessment SEK 1 350  - 10days
SEK 2 400 - 2 days
SEK 1 350 - 10days
SEK 2 400 - 2 days
Apply for reassessment SEK 1 000 - 10 days
SEK 2 400 - 2 days
SEK 1 000 - 10 days
SEK 2 400 - 2 days
Apply for NDA assessment SEK 5 000
SEK 5 000 
Create self-assessment, social responsibility SEK 0  SEK 0 
Apply for assessment of the self-assessment, social responsibility SEK 5 000 
SEK 5 000

* The cost is determined by the number of full accounts that your organisation already owns.
1  account          SEK 4 000 per year
2-5 accounts      SEK 2 400 per account per year
6-20 accounts    SEK 2 000 per account per year
20+ accounts     SEK 1600 per account per year

** A logbook can have unlimited number of participants. Only the owner (creator) will be charged SEk 1 000 per month for the logbook. Invoices are sent out every three months, starting the month that the logbook is created until the month it is deactivated in the system. The project can be deactivated and be re-activated again at a later stage.

Each account is personal and the supplier must under no circumstance allow third parties to access the website by disclosing login details.

Invoices for supplier full account is based on the date that the account was created in the system.